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national and regional policies worldwide, six in-depth case studies, and an expert workshop. apply digital technologies in their classrooms (Arjomand et al., ). This is in line Paper presented at American Education Research Association Annual (learners, educators, parents); Inclusive education, equality and.

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This tool is capable of segregating and clustering or grouping a large set of data into different natural statistical groups by applying some smart algorithms and heuristics. This new tool can create reports of just the key forecast statistics e. The result is a comparison table listing the selected statistics across multiple forecasts. Vista users with the user access control turned on or limited users without administrative logins will still be able to enjoy the full functionalities of Risk Simulator by being able to install the software licenses without doing any additional work.

To install a new license file you received, simply start Excel, click on Risk Simulator, License, Install License and browse to the license file you are provided to activate the software permanently or for a longer trial period. Risk Simulator now has the capability of turning on or off certain functionalities to allow you to customize your risk analysis experience.

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For instance, if you are only interested in the forecasting tools in Risk Simulator, you may be able to obtain a special license that activates only the forecasting tools and leaves the other modules deactivated, thereby saving some costs on the software. The four modules that can be turned on or off are Simulation, Forecasting, Optimization and Analytical Tools.

In addition, specific tools in each module can also be turned on or off. This customization is only available for site licenses of more than 10 computers. Together with the new forecasting tools and techniques in version , Risk Simulator now has the following forecasting methodologies:. You can now access Risk Simulator functions within Excel by clicking on Insert Function anywhere in your spreadsheet and scrolling to the functions starting with RS.

Here, you can set assumptions as well as obtain the forecast statistics of a forecast variable. For instance, you can run the RSAssumptionNormal function to set a normal distribution assumption to a cell, or RSForecastStatistic to obtain the statistics of a forecast cell. In the set assumption forecast, you can set the placeholder or temporary value that is seen before and after a simulation is run Value , the name of the assumption Variable Name , and the parameters of the distribution e.

Lo strumento leader di Microsoft per l'analisi di dati e la gestione di fogli di calcolo

You can now use the mouse right-click to access quick Risk Simulator items in Excel, such as set assumptions, set forecasts, and run simulation. This new tool is used to compute various scenarios in your model, by changing one or two input variables at a time, for a range of inputs, to determine the effects on the output. Worksheet names are now included in the sensitivity tables for easy identification, and other enhancements are included.

This optimization tool is capable of running multiple sets of optimizations with changing constraints. You can access this tool through the Set Constraints dialog box in optimization. This technique can be run in concurrence with static, dynamic and stochastic optimization.

Erosion hazard assessment along the Capitolo coast (Monopoli, southern Italy)

It allows you to re-enable the software if Windows or Excel temporarily disables the software this can occur if there is a power outage when you are running a simulation, if you get a virus or Trojan horse on your computer, if you accidentally delete some critical files, and so forth. These two new features, when used together with the existing advanced features, allow the user to have better control over how the optimization is run, and increases the accuracy and dependency of the results.

Select the data you wish to analyze, including the headers, and start this tool located at Risk Simulator Tools Statistical Analysis , and the following analyses will be available:. Select the data you wish to analyze, including the headers, and start this tool located at Risk Simulator Tools Diagnostic Tool , and the following: analyses are available:.


These tests are vital before starting any types of forecasting or data analysis procedures. Each test comes complete with an easy-to-understand detailed report so that it does not take a trained econometrician or statistician to understand and interpret the results. This is available at Risk Simulator Forecasting Maximum Likelihood whereby maximum likelihood iterative and internal optimization procedures are used to model binary response variables the dependent variable is binary, taking on the values of 0 or 1.

This is a key discriminant analysis with multiple uses e. Users can switch between languages midway while working on their models by simply clicking on the Risk Simulator and Languages menu, and restarting Excel. We have completely upgraded our source code to work seamlessly with Microsoft. NET Framework 2.

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This translates to higher speed and compatibility with newer computers. Dynamic Sensitivity Charts are now capable of taking both cell names and cell addresses. Updated examples to showcase the use of Efficient Frontier analysis and multiple models econometrics d. Updated Japanese user manual e.

Updated language edits and corrections in Spanish reports and Spanish user interface f. Online resources menu inside Risk Simulator for quick and easy access at your fingertips. How do you make critical business decisions? Do you consider the risks of your projects and decisions, or are you more focused on returns?

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  • Do you have a hard time trying to understand what risk is, let alone quantifying risk? Use or reference buildings to assess the energy savings potentials of the residential building stock: The experience of TABULA project. Energy Policy Energy demand for space heating through a statistical approach: application to residential buildings. Model for forecasting residential heat demand based on natural gas consumption and energy performance indicators.

    Applied Energy — Forecasting natural gas consumption. Applied Energy A methodology for the generation of energy consumption profiles in the residential sector. International Journal of Heat and Technology 34 3 : Thermal transients simulations of a building by a dynamic model based on thermal-electrical analogy: Evaluation and implementation issue. EN ISO UNI Standard , Italy. Official Journal of the European Union. Forni Elettrici a Incasso, from www. Energy consumption during cooking in the residential sector of developed nations: a review.

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