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Kanye West's Sunday church services are organized by his disciples

Drawing close to God with daily prayer is important, and at the top of this page you will find a link to daily prayer, and this automatically changes daily through the week, offering a short liturgy that can be used alone or with a group. Prayer for those leading worship - calls to worship and closing prayers. Some of the many contemporary prayers written by John Birch, alongside more traditional prayers that you'll find on the website free to use and ready to download!

There are the usual pieces of art to maybe discuss, as well as plenty of background info and lots of discussion questions. Studies are easy to use and you only need one copy per group, so very economical! For more info on all the Bible studies available on the website, and a bonus offer , head to this page!

From blessings and prayers at the start of the day, these prayers begin with our own walk with God and spread out to encompass our fellow travellers throughout the world, along with their joys, concerns, needs and conflicts. In this confused and fragile world, strengthen our faith, increase our love, and let your peace flow through us, that we might be an ocean of calm in what has become a restless sea.

It might be assumed that worship in the early Christian Church was fairly spontaneous, used as we are to seeing perhaps the occasional poetic prayer attributed to St Patrick or his contemporaries. We might also think that set orders of service are a relatively modern introduction. Actually, this is not the case, certainly for congregational acts of worship follow this link.

No personal information is stored. Toggle navigation Home. Prayer and Bible Study Resources. Bible study guides A wide range of Bible Study topics available, including Advent and Lent, available for download.

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Bible study topics and samples can be found here. In some cultures, children are socially invisible. In all cultures, children are at the mercy of those who are older, bigger, and stronger than they are. And this — this shocking portrait of dependence and vulnerability — is the portrait Jesus offers of God.

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In the divine economy, power and prestige accrue as we consent to be little, to be vulnerable, to be invisible, to be low. We gain greatness not by muscling others out of our way, but by serving them, empathizing with them, and sacrificing ourselves for their well-being. Whatever human hierarchies and rankings we cling to, Jesus upends as he holds a tiny child in his arms.

Do we want to see God? Do we really want to see God? Then look to the child abandoned in the alleyway. Look to the child in detention at the U. S border. Look to the child a priest is molesting. Look to the child dying of gunshot wounds in his kindergarten classroom. Look to the child a parent is trafficking.

Look to the child drowning in anxiety and depression.

Kanye West's Sunday church services are organized by his disciples

Look to the weak, the small, the simple, the vulnerable, and the helpless. Look to the ones who are not in charge. Look at the tiniest faces, and see God. Roger passed away four weeks ago at the age of 88 and his death brought forth a number of stories and accolades. In the spring of , three men in different parts of the world, the Australian John Landy, Wes Santee of Kansas and Bannister had been training hard getting ever closer to breaking the mythical barrier of running a mile in four minutes.

After he broke the record, he ran only three more times before quitting track altogether and then went on to a distinguished career as a neurologist. Our gospel this morning features another race, between Peter and John as they race to the empty tomb.

John as author seems to take a little pride that he got there first. Why this is important is open to speculation but biblical scholars feel there was some natural male competitiveness with regard to whose community of believers was the prime Christian community of the early Church. But both Peter and John seem to gloss over that someone else really finished first. Mary had gotten to the tomb first and Mary it was to whom the risen Jesus first appeared — two gold medals. But like athletes discovered to have taken performance-enhancing drugs after the event, these gold medals were somewhat forgotten as history progressed.

In a patriarchal culture that devalued the testimony of women and in the face of opponents who debunked the resurrection of Jesus, the Christian tradition was somewhat uneasy about a woman being the first witness of the resurrection and therefore muted it.

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Yet tradition could never write Mary out of the story completely because it was indisputable that she was there first. Over time there were other things tradition assigned to Mary over the centuries to distract us from her real role as first witness to the resurrection: being possessed by seven demons — a possible term for a mental illness, the reputation as prostitute, paramour, wife of Jesus — all historically speculative and taking us off track from the central role Mary played in the development of the Church.

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Mary Magdalene — a place where it has been in the Episcopal Church since As women have found their voice to report on years of harassment and abuse, there is a fitting comparison to Mary Magdalene from whom we may be able to learn as witnesses to the Resurrection. How to speak about this in a culture where Easter is becoming increasingly secularized — no problem with eggs and bunnies and tulips and pastel colors in our wardrobe but what about resurrection?

To make things more confusing, April 1 has another meaning on the calendar. Who could believe that anyone could be dead and buried and then come alive after three days? Is there still any interest in that? Is that any less believable than a gangly white medical student breaking the 4-minute mile, than an obscure woman in a patriarchal culture being chosen as witness to the resurrection and memorialized still two millennia later?

One can argue about the role of Mary, whether the tomb was empty, whether he was really dead. The proof of the resurrection is the transformative power of Jesus alive in us. Alive in us. Can you come out of the shadows to share that good news? Whether the world is interested or not?

And that would be no April Fools. I move that we dispense with the reading of the Ten Command.

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No one likes to have a list read to them. May I read you my grocery list? Do you curl up at night with the Constitutions and Canons of the Episcopal Church or perhaps do you read completely all the safety warnings of operating your new electric hair dryer? So how did you react to the reading today of the Ten Commandments?

Did you say heard them before, know them and then mentally check out — what is that thing I keep forgetting to put on the grocery list? And our entire advertising industry, if not our whole economy, depends on coveting. How can we tell anyone not to covet anything? We live in a time when individual decision is the source of right morality, any choice is valid if it works for me. To appreciate the commandments, we need to step back and take the wider view.

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  5. In each of our lessons from the Hebrew Scriptures this Lent, we have had examples of covenant. These commandments helped people know how to live, that they were in right relationship with God. And as we talked about last week, this relationship was a covenant, everlasting. But as St. Paul wrote so well, we will always fall short of the rules and when people broke the rules they felt disconnected from God. So Jesus came to bring a new covenant. Jesus became enraged because what he saw was a system designed to make access to God difficult. Forget any assumption that Jesus is objecting to commerce in the temple.

    This was essential for two reasons. First, the law demanded the sacrifice of unblemished animals. Like the animal sellers, the moneychangers provided an essential service, turning Roman money with its image of the emperor into something which could be taken into the temple without breaking the Law of God. So this story is misnamed. Because it made it difficult for people to get to God, to navigate this complicated system by having the right money and animals to sacrifice. Jesus is doing a symbolic act in the tradition of many of the Hebrew prophets who were also suspicious of the temple and its hierarchy.

    And ultimately this covenant of love is shown in the Last Supper and his death on the cross.