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national and regional policies worldwide, six in-depth case studies, and an expert workshop. apply digital technologies in their classrooms (Arjomand et al., ). This is in line Paper presented at American Education Research Association Annual (learners, educators, parents); Inclusive education, equality and.

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Each chapter begins with an introduction to outline the chapter and then the theory is introduced and then exercises are provided to allow the student to apply the theory. The chapters in the text book do have modularity, so individual chapters can be adopted along with another text book. The chapters are sufficiently independent of each other so that they can be taught in any order and in any combination.

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The actual app project can also be used to supplement an existing course or different MIS textbook. The book is well-organized. It is a good sequence of chapters and topics that is presented in a logical fashion. Each chapter has "learning objectives", "Key takeaways" and "questions and exercises".

It will be good to have a table of contents that is navigable I refer to the PDF file - which is lacking this. Otherwise the book is fairly easy to navigate and read. There is no cultural bias or problems in this text book. There is nothing that would offend students of different backgrounds. The book is a very useful body of work, It can be used as a supplement to another book that has more comprehensive coverage of the theory. This book can be used to assign the term project.

It goes good for a "Introduction to problem Solving " curse for IS majors.


The concepts in the book assay to follow and apply to project. So it can be a Project manual as well. The students will then track sales of the app and make adjustments as necessary. While this book could be used as the sole text for an introductory college-level course in MIS, the lack of a table of contents, index, glossary, and instructor edition hold it back. Also, in this day of major publishers offering online companion sites to accompany a printed text or eBook, does make this book less attractive as a standalone option. It would just take a good deal of prep on the part of the instructor.

I had no issues with the accuracy of the text other than a few out-of-date hyperlinks and some missing words here and there. But this is true of many texts from major publishers as well. As always, the instructor should verify the validity of hyperlinks, articles and references in any text at the start of each term and supplement relevant links when necessary. This book is probably no better or worse in this respect than the typical textbook from major publishers.

So long as the iPhone remains a relevant platform, I think this book will remain as a viable option.

Mathematical Treasure: Nicolas Pike's Arithmetic

At this point the book will likely remain relevant for at least the next few years and honestly, that's about all one can expect with any tech-related resource. It is well-suited for early college-level or late high school level students. There are rarely, if ever, long-winded explanations when a simple one will suffice. Again, this relates back to having an IS-savvy instructor to expound on concepts or answer questions in class when necessary.

Probably one of the strongest points of this text is its consistency in both content and organization. First, the authors never seem to contradict themselves nor deviate from traditional MIS, design or industry standards and best practices. Very nicely done in my opinion. This text does not lend itself well to jumping around in the chapters and a linear approach would likely be best.

One thing I do like is that the actual app project could be used to supplement an existing course or textbook. The book is well-organized and material is largely presented in the order I would expect.

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Again, the book is best approached by starting at the beginning and progressing through the chapters in the order in which they are presented. Certain chapters could be skipped without really interrupting the overall flow of the project-based approach.

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Also, there are many references to pictures and illustrations which are simply missing. This is annoying and could be quite confusing for students. Also, some of the pictures, many of which are screen shots, are distorted or grainy.

Very well written. I want to thank the authors for what I think is a very useful and usable textbook! For the experienced MIS instructor or one with a solid IS background I think this could suffice as a low- or no-cost option for the students. I would like to try and work it into my classes on a trial basis to replace the project I currently use.

It may take a bit of alignment on my part and a bit of jumping between our existing text and this one, but the end result may well be worth a little inconvenience. This book contains a project that integrates Excel, Access and PowerPoint skills into the Mobile App creation process. It seems to focus on creating a business case for the app being developed and communicating with stake holders, instead of It seems to focus on creating a business case for the app being developed and communicating with stake holders, instead of actually programming an app.

I appreciate the appendix sections of the book. Even without formal training, a student could use this to obtain the Excel, Access, and PowerPoint skills needed to complete the main project. Overall, the book is very accurate. However, I did find that several hyperlinks used in the projects are already out of date.

I can see this being an ongoing problem since this is a project-based style of book.

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Thirst and Alosha are slated to be released as feature films. Pike currently lives in Santa Barbara, where it is rumored he never leaves his house. But he can be found online at Facebook. See less. The Secret Path. Remember Me. The Shadow of Death. Chain Letter. Human Urges, Fatal To Die for: 2 Novels Until the End: The Party; The The Haunted Cave. Creatures of Forever: Last The Sacred Veil.

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