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The safest time for spraying a crop is clearly set out in the product literature and must be followed. MCPA and 2,4-D, should be applied between the 5-leaf stage and jointing.


If applied too soon before the spikelets of the young ears have been determined , then some ears are likely to be deformed. Weed growth stages in relation to herbicide efficiency are explained on the product labels. Timing of control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals is not as critical as for annual grasses though again better control is achieved when the weeds are small.

If dealing with grass weeds in the autumn in the winter cereal crop, then broad-leaved weeds are normally also controlled. Autumn weed control in a competitive winter barley crop can often mean no requirement for further treatment in the spring except for wild oats or cleavers. Some broadleaved weeds, such as field pansy, are more easily controlled by a number of the autumn herbicides, e. If an autumn treatment is used, it may be possible to reduce chemical rates in the spring.

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Metsulfuron-methyl broad spectrum and fluroxypyr mainly for cleavers , depending on the crop, can be applied between crop GS 12 and late stem extension. Note that metsulfuron-methyl is not recommended for application before 1 February. Onion toxicosis in horses is a rare event and occurs when horses are fed large amounts of culled onions from commercial onion farms or are forced to eat wild onions because of inadequate available forage. Horses appear to avoid these plants when suitable forage is available. Severely affected horses succumb to onion toxicosis because of severe anemia or secondary renal failure caused by hypoxic nephropathy.

The clinical signs, laboratory values and pathogenesis of the anemia are all similar to those of maple leaf toxicosis, with the exception that methemoglobin formation does not seem to be nearly as pronounced in onion toxicity as in the former.

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The carcasses of horses that die as a result of onion toxicosis may have an onion odor at necropsy. Affected horses may recover from onion toxicity if they are removed from the onion source soon enough and if anemia is not severe.

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Treatment is largely symptomatic and should include removal of the onion source and provision of adequate, suitable forage. Hematinics are of little value, but oxygen therapy and blood transfusions may be indicated in more severely affected animals. Maintenance of renal function is of primary concern because affected horses are at risk of developing secondary hypoxic nephropathy. The clinician should give balanced fluids to promote diuresis and should correct electrolyte and acid-base abnormalities.

Diuretics should be used with caution, but they may be of value in the volume-loaded horse. John L. Capinera, in Handbook of Vegetable Pests , Onion maggot attacks plants in the family Alliaceae Amaryllidaceae. Onion is the principal host, but chive, garlic, leek, and shallot are sometimes attacked. Wild onion apparently is not a suitable host. It is possible to rear onion maggot larvae on abnormal hosts such as radish and turnip Workman, , but adults normally do not deposit eggs on such plants.

See color figure Onion maggot adults are particularly attracted to decaying onions, such as those infected with the soft-rotting bacteria Erwinia carotovora or Fusarium fungus Dindonis and Miller, Survival may be slightly higher, or development time shorter, for onion maggot larvae feeding on microbe-infected onions Zurlini and Robinson, Older onion maggot larvae are usually fully capable of attacking and developing satisfactorily on disease-free onions Schneider et al. However, survival of young maggots is poor on mature onions unless they are wounded or infected with disease.

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  • Indeed, survival of the third generation of onion maggots is likely dependent on the availability of unhealthy onions. In Veterinary Medicine Eleventh Edition , All plants in the Allium species can be toxic to domestic animals, but poisoning from the onion Allium cepa is the most widely reported in large animals, with sporadic reports involving the wild onion , Canada garlic A. Plants in the genus Allium contain the disulfides n -propyl disulfate, in addition to S -methyl sulfoxide and S -prop en yl cysteine sulfoxide SMCO , amino acid derivatives.

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    Oxidative damage to the erythrocytes is caused by the disulfides. Plants of all the Brassica species are associated with several syndromes, including hemolytic anemia resulting from SMCO poisoning as discussed here, blindness, pulmonary emphysema, 5 polioencepahlomalacia, 6 and digestive disturbances, discussed in the section on glucosinolate poisoning. These syndromes may occur separately or in combination. SCMO occurs in some genera of plants in the family Brassicaceae e.

    The green parts of the plants are the usual material involved in outbreaks. The seeds and leaves of Brassica spp. The plants may also contain significant quantities of cyanogenic glycosides but rarely are associated with cyanide poisoning.

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    Nitrate and nitrite poisoning have also been recorded on kale feeding. Particular note should be taken of the occurrence of SMCO in cabbages, swedes, and stubble turnips. So even if you pull up the main plant, there will be small bulbs left in the soil that will quickly grow back. If you only have a few clumps of wild onion or garlic in your lawn and you choose to remove them by hand, use a shovel or trowel to dig up the entire clump of bulbs, which can be at least 6 inches below the soil.

    Wild onion and garlic are common lawn weeds, and, fortunately, there are easy solutions for controlling them. The best way to combat future wild onion and garlic problems is to make it hard for them to grow in the first place. Keeping a well-fed, thick lawn will help keep wild garlic, wild onion, and other weeds out of your lawn because there will be no space for them to grow. In addition to fertilizing, you may want to consider aerating or dethatching your lawn. You could cull down Wild Onion to make one nine-song version of either album, and one would be just okay and one would be really good.

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    • The really good one would be the quieter one, probably: Twin Peaks are better melancholy than they are raucous. The mid-tempo rocker "Making Breakfast" has a riff and a wryly rueful air that recalls Tom Petty. The melodies for their slower and more winsome songs hit harder and soar higher than the power chord explosions, which can feel a little stale, like maybe someone forgot about that Schlitz can.

      There is one song they write on each record that feels like a next step: on Sunken , it was the chiming "Irene", and here it's the cool breeze of "Ordinary People", which channels the Kinks and Os Mutantes.